APTA NJ High School Paddle

The APTA is helping to support NJ’s effort to grow the Junior Game with some sponsorship support going towards 2018-2019 High School Competitive Play!

Chatham NJ has made paddle history as it is the first High School in the country to approve Platform Tennis as a Co Ed Varsity Sport.  The team started as a club team in 2015 thanks to Paul Ivans SR., Lynn Ivans and Lisa Schroeder, parents of 3 talented junior players.  Their efforts, combined with assistance and coaching  from APTA Board Member Patty Hogan and teaching Pro Greg Morgan, plus amazing leadership from junior players Paul Ivans Jr., Colin Schroeder and Heather Ivans have all added up to the first ever Varsity Platform Tennis Team in the country.

The competitive season for NJ High School Play  for 2017-2018 will be November to early February for most schools.  Contact pattyhogan8@gmail.com to figure out how  to get your high school involved.