APTA Self Rating (S) & PTI Rating (T)

The Apta’s 2 Digit  self rating tool is the Legacy Rating Tool established in 2012 .  It was created as a way for club level paddle players to get an idea of how their game measures up against the top players in the country.   Take the 2 minute quiz and Voila, you will be sent your 2 digit rating within seconds!

You will be asked for your email so that the Apta can send you  information on your rating level and all the rating levels along with tips from top pros around the country .  The Apta Self Rating tool and instructional tips are Free!

All NJ Flex League Players will need a an Apta Self Rating number  and a current Apta Memership number to play on a team.  The Flex League is FREE for any Apta Member!

The Apta introduced the 4 digit PTI Rating system in 2019 -2020 season.  The Pti rating uses match data thus it is dynamic in that it changes frequently.

The following  Platform Tennis Conversion Chart if offered as a general guideline to understanding the different rating systems.  All APTA Member League players  and all APTA Sanctioned Tournament players will automatically get a 4 digit PTI.