NJ Women’s Pickleball League

2020 Season Opening Social

Welcome to the brand new North Jersey Women’s Pickleball League founded by Pros Mikk Irdoja, Patty Hogan, Greg Morgan along with enthusiastic players Patty Topping and Melissa Lucaine. 

Our late summer league (assuming we are ok to play safely) will meet for 6 weeks on Friday Mornings from 9am-11am, starting on Friday August 7th, 2020.  

An official match consists of three courts or 6 players. 

Team captains make the  line ups for each week.  A unique feature in this league is that all three courts on your team will get to play against all 3 courts  from your opponent’s team.  Partners will stay the same for the 3 matches.

Each match will consist of  2 games to 11, winning by 2.  If each team wins a game in a particular match,  a tiebreaker to 5  will be played to see which team gets the win.

All other League rules will be posted soon!  


More information soon!  Email questions to  Northjerseypbl@gmail.com

Stay safe and we hope to see you on the courts soon! 

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